Friday, March 07, 2014

First Monthsary Dinner Date at Chub's Diner

28 January 2014
Chub's Diner
Corrales St.

Its our first month as husband and wife. For that 30 days of marriage, life and the Lord gave us bountiful blessings. As a sign of thanksgiving, we celebrate it first with a Thanksgiving Mass at the cathedral then we went to Chub's Diner for a celebration.

Chub's diner is known for its BIG burgers and generous all-day breakfast. Since its dinner time, we opted to order an all-day breakfast. She ordered Yo-Belly. Its a grilled pork belly in a sweet and spicy (BBQ) sauce plus sunny eggs and an iced tea.

As for me, I had a Korean Pork Belly. Mildly spicy Korean style grilled pork with sesame seeds plus scrambled eggs and unlimited brewed coffee.

Its very heavy, its chubby sized indeed. It gave us more time to talk while enjoying our meal and each other's company.

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