Monday, March 24, 2014

AirAsia Zest Suspends all Flights to and from Cagayan de Oro

My wife shared to me the sadness of her co-teachers who booked a flight (CGY-MNL-CGY) for their summer getaway. They booked the said flight months ago to grab a low-fare. Lets face it, booking months ahead means low fare and Airasia Zest has the lowest fare. To their surprise they received a notification to refund their fares because Airasia Zest cancelled their flight. Her co-teachers can only do now is to get the refund and swallow the "bigger" fare from other airline. Its not only the bigger fare that concerns them, since the said getaway is less than a month to go. some seats might already taken - they might take a different schedule so that all of them can fly on the same flight.

After her sharing, I posted a Personal Message (PM) to AirAsia Zest's Facebook page. In summary, the clerk said to me in reply

"Please be informed that our flights to/from CGY will be cancelled effective 30 March 2014 due to commercial reasons as well as a realignment of route network. Should you need more information, you can reach us at (+632) 742 2742 daily, from 7AM to 11PM. Please be advised that updates regarding cancellations were communicated internally and affected passengers were notified thru email or text message. Please keep posted via this page for any announcements or updates." Sadness and frustration came to me after that conversation.

Last year (31 Jul 2013) I had my first flight via AirAsia Zest and am I amazed for their best service from ground to flight, more than that, for the first time I was more that 30 minutes early from my ETA. Then again, they gave another best service - inspite of flight delays - for my family and friends who attended our wedding last December 2013. Because of this best service, I committed myself that AirAsia Zest will be my Official Carrier for the year 2014, by planning a sem-break getaway with my wife in MNL and CEB. Now that they cancelled their flights indefinitely to and from CGY all I can do is to book my flights to other airline with a sad heart. The only consolation is the excitement of hope that wife and I will have pleasant getaways.

PS: Starting 01 April 2014 majority of flights to and from CGY will be carried by Cebu Pacific Air except 5 MNL-CGY and 5 CGY-MNL flights of Philippine Airlines.

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