Sunday, March 30, 2014

Second Monthsary Dinner Date at Capt. Richies Baby Back Ribs

28 February 2014
Capt. Richies Baby Back Ribs
Velez St. corner

After the usual Thanksgiving Mass for our second month at the cathedral. We agreed to try CDO's most famous back ribs of Capt. Richies.

We ordered this baby back ribs. Its a 500grams more meat than bones. Truly tender and fall of the bones. Since its a heavy weight, me and wife shared it and we ordered a solo rice for her, double for me and a glass of coke each.

It was our first time to be there and it was all good if not the best. We will definitely go back there for that missed Chicken Wings and Lambago Sausage .

Monday, March 24, 2014

AirAsia Zest Suspends all Flights to and from Cagayan de Oro

My wife shared to me the sadness of her co-teachers who booked a flight (CGY-MNL-CGY) for their summer getaway. They booked the said flight months ago to grab a low-fare. Lets face it, booking months ahead means low fare and Airasia Zest has the lowest fare. To their surprise they received a notification to refund their fares because Airasia Zest cancelled their flight. Her co-teachers can only do now is to get the refund and swallow the "bigger" fare from other airline. Its not only the bigger fare that concerns them, since the said getaway is less than a month to go. some seats might already taken - they might take a different schedule so that all of them can fly on the same flight.

After her sharing, I posted a Personal Message (PM) to AirAsia Zest's Facebook page. In summary, the clerk said to me in reply

"Please be informed that our flights to/from CGY will be cancelled effective 30 March 2014 due to commercial reasons as well as a realignment of route network. Should you need more information, you can reach us at (+632) 742 2742 daily, from 7AM to 11PM. Please be advised that updates regarding cancellations were communicated internally and affected passengers were notified thru email or text message. Please keep posted via this page for any announcements or updates." Sadness and frustration came to me after that conversation.

Last year (31 Jul 2013) I had my first flight via AirAsia Zest and am I amazed for their best service from ground to flight, more than that, for the first time I was more that 30 minutes early from my ETA. Then again, they gave another best service - inspite of flight delays - for my family and friends who attended our wedding last December 2013. Because of this best service, I committed myself that AirAsia Zest will be my Official Carrier for the year 2014, by planning a sem-break getaway with my wife in MNL and CEB. Now that they cancelled their flights indefinitely to and from CGY all I can do is to book my flights to other airline with a sad heart. The only consolation is the excitement of hope that wife and I will have pleasant getaways.

PS: Starting 01 April 2014 majority of flights to and from CGY will be carried by Cebu Pacific Air except 5 MNL-CGY and 5 CGY-MNL flights of Philippine Airlines.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Have a #JollyBreak, Have a KitKat Mix-ins

12 March 2014
Jollibee Vamenta
Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City

Stressed? Well, Dessert will cool it off with this yummy treat, the Jollibee Kitkat Mix-ins.

Jollibee's signature Vanilla Soft-served Ice Cream plus Crushed Kitkat plus Caramel Syrup.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

“Big 4” motorbike firms boost “Original Na Bida” 3.0 edition

The motorcycle industry’s Big 4 — Honda Philippines, Kawasaki Motor Philippines, Suzuki Philippines and Yamaha Motor Philippines — converge as they push for high quality, safety and original design in the 3rd edition of their “Original na Bida” (OnB) campaign at SM City Cagayan de Oro Event Activity Center to be held this coming March 14-16, 2014.

For three days, the Big 4 motorbike firms, shifting the holding of this noteworthy campaign from its traditional Manila base to this famous Mindanao city called “City of Golden Friendship,” will offer safety-riding programs and recreational activities amid a festival-like environment, to patrons as they reiterate the wise choice of original motorcycles and spare parts among motorists for a more pleasurable riding experience.

Yesterday, the event kicked-off with a grand Big 4 motorcade started at 8 a.m. then, a press conference, ribbon-cutting and unveiling of the OnB seal and video presentation will follow, while another interesting video called “Bida vs. Nagpapakabida” been shown to further emphasize the value of using original brands and spare parts. In the afternoon, seminars organized by the Big 4 will also be held, in between various games and raffle events. Plus the “Bidang Barangay” contest will kick off, pitting 4 groups against each other to earn the right to be called “Bidang Barangay.”

For the second day, people from Cagayan de Oro City and the rest of Mindanao will get to know more about the “Original na Bida” campaign through interviews with the Big 4 representatives. More raffle draws, exciting games, plus electrifying performances from guest artists also marks Day 2 of the event.

Finally, Day 3 will feature, aside from more raffles, games and musical entertainment, the finals of the Bidang Barangay contest and a scintillating “fliptop” (rap battle) that will feature YouTube Pinoy rap sensation “Abra” and his partners, Loonie and Band. They will engage in a literary battle using rap as their medium. Expect the crowd to get pumped up as they deliver a one-of-a-kind performance rarely seen nowadays.

Now on its third year, the “Original na Bida” campaign aims to educate motorists that Japanese manufacturers make the best motorcycle units and spare parts because these underwent thorough studies, using the latest research and development technologies in order to assure safety, high quality and premium design more consistently than other low-quality motorbike brands.

The same companies are also known to observe strict compliance with government regulations and standards. That’s why customers are assured of riding high-quality motorcycles in the country.

With the success of the safety and quality campaign, the “Original na Bida” drive has gained support from thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts in various media platforms and other concerned groups for the past 2 years for its noteworthiness and timeliness. Many agree that it is really an advantage to own original motorcycle units as they cited its inherent durability and reliability.

For inquiries about the Big 4 motorcycle brands, visit their nearest service centers nationwide. And to know more about the “Original na Bida,” campaign, go to

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lunch at Apple Tree Resort

30 November 2013
Apple Tree Resort
Opol, Misamis Oriental

Sorry for the late post. I was so busy from pre and post wedding details thus this entry and photos was buried. Its better late than never so here we go.

Before thev wedding, Im so happy to hear that all of my Bride's siblings and their kids will be coming over. For this entry, its the arrival of her younger sister / matron-of-honor and her family. Their arrival was a surprise for their mother, imagine all the drama and "white lies" just to surprise her. After all the laughters and surprises we went to Apple Tree Resort not only to have our lunch but also to for them to talk to the Banquet Manager for the birthday celebration of Matron-of-Honor's son.

While they are talking to the Baquet Manager, we had this (seafood) feast curtesy of Matron-of-Honor's Husband.

We had Kinilaw

and Pancit Canton

and a grilled platter consist of Grilled Squid, Pork and Chicken.

I love the kinilaw and the grilled squid! After the feast we then headed to the grocery for their household items and kid's milk. After that we then went home for dinner and rest.

Friday, March 07, 2014

First Monthsary Dinner Date at Chub's Diner

28 January 2014
Chub's Diner
Corrales St.

Its our first month as husband and wife. For that 30 days of marriage, life and the Lord gave us bountiful blessings. As a sign of thanksgiving, we celebrate it first with a Thanksgiving Mass at the cathedral then we went to Chub's Diner for a celebration.

Chub's diner is known for its BIG burgers and generous all-day breakfast. Since its dinner time, we opted to order an all-day breakfast. She ordered Yo-Belly. Its a grilled pork belly in a sweet and spicy (BBQ) sauce plus sunny eggs and an iced tea.

As for me, I had a Korean Pork Belly. Mildly spicy Korean style grilled pork with sesame seeds plus scrambled eggs and unlimited brewed coffee.

Its very heavy, its chubby sized indeed. It gave us more time to talk while enjoying our meal and each other's company.