Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Philippine Airlines Suspends Flight starting March 1 2014

Starting March 1, 2014, Philippine Airlines's sister company PAL Express will suspend most flights for Visayas and Mindanao until further notice. Here's the office announcement (taken from their Facebook Account).


Starting March 1,2014 suspended flights are:

2P230/231 Cebu - Bacolod - Cebu
2P380/381 Cebu - Iloilo - Cebu
2P982/981 Gen.Santos - Iloilo - Gen.Santos
2P297/298 Cebu - Ozamis - Cebu
2P303/304 Cebu - P.Princesa - Cebu
2P236/237 Cebu - Tacloban - Cebu
2P363/364 Cebu - Davao - Cebu

Starting March 16,2014 suspended flights are:

2P362/361 Butuan - Cebu - Butuan

2P287/288 Cebu - Cagayan - Cebu
2P295/296 Cebu - Cagayan - Cebu

2P365/366 Cebu - Davao - Cebu
2P395/396 Cagayan - Davao - Cagayan
2P384/385 Cebu - Iloilo - Cebu

Lastly, starting March 30,2014 suspended flights are:

2P279/278 Cebu - Caticlan - Cebu
2P241/242 Cebu - Zambuanga - Cebu
2P273/272 Davao - Zamboanga - Davao
2P246/245 Zamboanga - Jolo - Zamboanga
2P244/243 Zamboanga - Tawi-Tawi - Zamboanga

I heard/read some rumors and speculations as to why Philippine Airlines did this but still I'm optimistic that this move is for the greater good of its loyal passengers. Let me quote this from one of the replies of PAL when FB Netizens asked why and I Quote "We are in the process of reviewing our flight network and schedule and will be carrying out certain operational changes in the domestic sector as we implement realignments of some of our flights". Lets just wait and see for further updates.

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