Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don’t let scrapes and cuts spoil your child’s adventures!

Let’s face it: children are always quick, excited, and full of energy. They run, jump, and play whenever and wherever they want. Be it in the mall, school, park or the comforts of their own home, children are prone to cuts, scrapes, bruises, and other injuries that will surely make Mom worry.

These little hiccups in a growing child’s life can’t be totally eliminated. But – they can definitely be minimized. Here are some helpful tips to make sure children are safe from harm and accidents wherever they are:

1. Keep dangerous items like knives, cutters, scissors, nails and poisonous stuff locked and far away from young kids’ reach.

2. Make sure you keep tabs of your child when he or she is having fun in the playground. Check out the surface that they’re playing on, as they may have sharp parts or protrusions.

3. Make your child wear sturdy and slip-free shoes. Dressing them in pants or overalls may be a good thing to prevent scrapes when they fall.

4. Make your child wear safety gear like a helmet or knee pads when they’re biking, skating or participating in rugged sports.

5. Put up safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs if you still have toddlers.

6. Keep a first aid kit handy. Make sure they contain povidone, sterile bandages, cotton and dependable tape bandages that your kids will like.

Nexcare™ Bandages has a range of products that make sure your children are safe and protected when they suffer the scrapes and wounds that are part of growing up. Kids will love the cool designs ranging from Disney Princesses, Nemo and Cars. Not only do they protect booboos well, kids will love showing them off to playmates like a badge of honor.

Nexcare™  also has Active Strips Flexible Foam Bandages, Steri-Strip Skin Closure, Gentle Paper First Aid Tape, and Soft n’ Flex Bandages that are both child- and adult-friendly products, good for caring for bruises and cuts.


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