Monday, August 19, 2013

Get your juice and smoothie fix with nature’s nut

Health authorities recommend a daily intake of 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. But the truth is, most of us fall short in fulfilling this requirement because at most, we only consume about 2-3 servings per day.

This is why juicing became an instantaneous health trend, as it allows the body to get the right concentration of fruits and veggies targeted in a day. With the wide variety of fruits and veggies available, there is no reason for one drink to be bland and boring. More so, additional ingredients such as coconut water can actually boost the health properties of your juice. It provides extra hydration due to its excellent natural source of potassium and electrolytes, plus it has anti-oxidant qualities.

For a quick burst of morning energy, or just a light drink for your afternoon snack, here are juice recipes containing the water from the nature’s nut as your liquid ingredient.

To jumpstart your morning stamina, let a healthy beverage set out your day with these simple juice recipes.

Green Breakfast of Champions
1 cup frozen peaches, mangoes, or pineapples
½ cup berries
1 handful of kale or spinach
½ cup coconut water

A light snack, or just merely to ensure you’re getting your daily fruit and veggie fix, try this sweet and delicious juice.

Strawberry, Pear, and Coconut Water Juice
3 cups fresh strawberries without stems
1 pear, cored and seeded
¼ lime
1 inch ginger
½ cup coconut water

To replenish your lost electrolytes after a long day turn to the power ingredient that is coconut water and blend with your veggies. Kale is known for its cancer-fighting nutrients too.

Garden Green Coco Smoothie
½ cup coconut water
1 handful of kale
1 handful spinach
½ banana

For a convenient way to get your coconut water, Tropicana Coco Quench serves as best alternative for it keeps the natural goodness and freshness of coconut water with its Tetra Pak packaging. Tropicana Coco Quench has up to 8-month shelf life and is widely available in all leading convenience stores and supermarkets in 330ml and 1L packs.

Now we know that while juicing has been widely popular with its cleansing and weight loss properties, there is more to it than just trimming down your waistline. However, note that juicing cannot replace your regular meals, as only a balanced diet is the way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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