Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Fruity Twist on a Beloved Dunkin' Classic

Living in the tropics means we have classic go-to fruits for every season. What’s even better is that we can enjoy them year-round, come rain or come shine. Looking for specialty fruits per region is also an exciting adventure, because the Philippines seems to have as many fruits as it does regions.

Year-round fruits are a constant delight, and in this area, the banana leads the pack. Whether you like the Lakatan, Saba, or Señorita, it is great as is ripe, or sugared with ice and milk. Legend has it that the first banana tree grew somewhere in Mindanao, and came from the heart of a young maiden who refused to marry someone she did not love.

Speaking of hearts, the reigning queen of these fruits is the strawberry, which grows in abundance up north, primarily in Baguio. Enjoyed as is or as a perfect complement to cream, strawberries are a popular dessert for romantic occasions.

How to enjoy these two fruits coming from either end of the Philippines? By biting into the new Strawberry-Banana variant of Dunkin’ Donuts. Combining the smooth creaminess of yellow bananas and the luscious burst of red strawberries, this flavor is sure to delight the senses, without having to travel north and south for your fix.

Fruity Donut Strawberry Banana

Joining the strawberry up north is the lemon, which, although native to Asia, was transplanted to the Philippines through the Europeans. Available in summer in high altitude areas such as Tagaytay and Benguet, these yellow wonders are becoming fast staples in local dishes. To enjoy its full glory without the accompanying tartness, get a Lemon Dunkin’ Donuts fruity donut instead. It contains all the tangy goodness without the sharp bite.

Fruity Donut Lemon

But for the king of Philippine fruits, there are two that vie for the crown. Most obvious is the durian, considered the king of fruits in Asia. With a distinctive taste to match its smell, it is an acquired taste that many have come to know and love. But perhaps it is the ubiquitous mango, available everywhere, but most sweet in Zambales, Pangasinan, and Guimaras that takes the crown, it being the national fruit. So why not enjoy the two in an amazing combo of a Mango-Durian donut?

Fruity Donut Mango Durian

All varieties of the Dunkin’ Donuts Fruity Donuts, namely, Banana-Strawberry, Lemon, and Mango-Durian, are available for only P20. Now it’s easy for you to enjoy your favorite fruits regardless of the season, and your location, at your favorite Dunkin’ Donut branch.

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