Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going to CDO by plane - via Lumbia Airport

UPDATE 4 April 2013:

Starting 15 June 2013, Lumbia Airport will close and all civil flights to Cagayan de Oro will  transfer to Laguindingan International Airport. Since I'm not into deleting of entries, I'll still post this entry for archive and souvenir purposes. Lumbia Airport will became an Air Force base.

28 March 2013

Getting to CDO by plane is the easiest way. Ships and bus will also do but by jet will be the fastest and coziest. CGY is the airport code thus on this entry 'CGY' and 'CDO' are just the same.

There are flights to Cagayan de Oro (CGY) from Manila, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod-Silay, Zamboanga City, and Iloilo. As of now, Cebu Pacific Air, PAL Express and Philippine Airlines fly to CGY. Cebu Pacific Air for me is the most convenient in terms of flight experience and flight schedules.

In all airlines (well as of 2012) all Manila-CGY and CGY-Manila will depart and arrive (respectively) at NAIA Terminal 3. Here are some things I want to share for you to know:

All hotels in CDO have a check-in time of 2pm so it would be better to book your flight that has and ETA of 1pm onwards.

Its better to have a 15Kg Baggage Allowance or more. Im not discouraging you to travel light but base on my experience, a 15Kg will surely cover all your things and take-homes.

The flight is estimated to be 1.5 hours but the truth is its a total of 2 hours from departure gate to touchdown. As for me, I only text/inform my host "see you in 2 hours" when the plane rolls out of the boarding gate.

Upon plane's touchdown, sit for a while or you'll stand stacked (and stucked) on the aisle for about 3-5 minutes.

CGY Airport, localy known as Lumbia Airport doesn't have and aerobridge so you'll disembark by ladder. Both plane's front and back doors will be opened. Proceed to the leftmost side of the terminal where a red sign that says "arrival" is located.

Lumbia Airport has a baggage carrousel and it will take the ground personnel to load the bags about 15-30minutes from plane to carrousel.

Exit the arrival hall on your right hand side. Many hawkers and barkers will ask you to take a taxi. Just take the taxi on queue just to be safe. The rate is about 200 pesos (as of this writing) until City Proper locally known as 'Divisoria'. But if you want to kick-start your travel adventure right away, go down the road thru the parking lot then take the Jeepney to  'Cogon' or 'Carmen' then take a 'motorela' to your hotel.

Lastly, having a friend or a host will surely help you in terms of dialect and going-around. But if you dont have one, dont fear, CDO will not be called as "city of golden friendship" for nothing.


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