Wednesday, September 19, 2018

#makeITsafePH: Phishing on Bank Accounts

I know this topic has been talked about for many times and ages BUT still, scammers evolved and still on the move to phish out not only our identity but also our hard earned money. Old news but still very rampant.

Before I start my sharing, let me tell this first. #makeITsafePH is a campaign initiated by Globe Telecoms to educate us internet and Information Technology (IT) users about cybersecurity and cyberwellness to avoid becoming a victim to online treats and crimes. I admit I’m no expert but I do hope that this story and upcoming ones will help you to be cyberaware.

Many months ago, or is it been a year (?), many banks asked all their clients to report back to their mother branch (the branch where we opened your bank account) to update our personal information. Of course, our work also coincides with the banking hours thus many had a hard time to do this. So what the scammers did was to ask ALL personal and private information including the login names and passwords thru email. What amazed me most is that I received emails from this scammers using the (name of) banks which I have an account to. I did not ever received a email from banks on which I don’t have an account. So my first question was: how did they know that I have an account on that bank?

photo from Bank of Philippine Islands thru Google search

Here are some signs to look for to determine a phishing scam email:

First, the email address “from” is not an official email address of your bank.

Let’s say for example that the official email of the bank is “”. for sure, the phishing scam email will never be the same BUT it might look like the same. Example, if that’s the official email, the phishing email might be “” or “noreply.”. Letter by letter and word by word it is not the same BUT on first glance it looks the same. 

Second and the most notorious one, the email contains a link.

When you read the email, it will ask you to click that link. That link mostly is on blue letter/phrase that says “update account here” or any similar phrase that have the same meaning. Some scam email I received even had two to three links, making sure that you will be enticed to click it. Kung sa tagalong pa “sigurista talaga” na nabasa mo at mag click ka.

If you received an email with a LINK don’t click IT pls. it will start the phishing process if you do.

Lastly, check the body of the letter.

Most of the time, the body of the letter gives you the command to do all this written. Others, it plants fear on your spine that your money will be gone if you did not follow the set of instructions. Phrases like "your account has been locked" or "suspicious activity" or "verify your account here" or words like "suspended" or  "frozen"  then followed by "click the link to unlock" are sure signs of phishing. 

For sure, as I said on the intro, scammers do evolved, so I guess, in the near future, they will change their MO (modus operandi). So what to do if this happened to you?

First, stay calm. As for me, I do nothing. I don’t click the link, I just mark it as “read” then the next time I visit my mother branch, I report it to the customer representative in person.

Second, visit your bank to verify that if you really need to update your account details. Specially if you receive emails many times in a week (persistent emailing).

Update your account in person NOT THRU EMAIL. While you are there, share to them the email that you received. They have a unit that chase these scammers. Yes you might lose a day’s worth of salary just to be absent for a day just to visit the bank. It’s better this way that to lose all your savings up to the last centavo from these scammers.

Here a true to life experience from a friend. She wrote this thru facebook status.

She received numerous emails for so called her bank. At first, she did not minded it for she is sure that it’s a scam. But since it’s a persistent emailing, she then click the bait link. And the pandora’s box went loose and lost her hard earned savings including their family budget (she is a breadwinner). The amount is four digit figure. It might be small to other standards BUT if you are the breadwinner and that amount is your family budget for the next days/weeks before the next salary, definitely, it is a HUGE amount of lost. Good thing her good friend is also a bank employee and told her what to do to get her money back. 

So please, do remember, never ever make some updates and verification of bank accounts thru mail, email, call and text, not even on meet ups outside your bank. Verify and update ONLY thru your branch of account.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

San Mig Food Avenue grandly opens in El Salvador City

18 May 2018
El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental

My sincerest apologies for posting this late. I really thought I blogged about this as soon as may 19th and to my surprise, i made the posting only in my Facebook Page. Anyways, no more excuses, let's get it on!

Last 18 of May 2018, San Mig Food Avenue, San Miguel Corp's Chain of convenience stores finally put up a branch here in Misamis Oriental. The first not only in the province but Mindanao-wide. Located in Brgy. PSB, El Savador City, Misamis Oriental. Between Petron Gas station and Mc Donalds resto at the corner highway going up to Divine Mercy Shrine.

The simple opening started with a Holy Mass and a blessing of the store and its perimeter. Witnessing the event are top brass of San Miguel's Food Group here in the region, media partners, business partners and stakeholders, and its employees.

What i do loved about this store is that it is a one stop shop. more convenience not only for the locals but also for us tourist to and from the airport: in-house bakery; pasalubong aisle; home, kitchen and car needs. Literally all the basic stuff for our convenience.

For more photos of the event, pls follow on to my Facebook Photo Album

if you so happened that you passed by El Salvador City, kindly pls do stop by San Mig Food Avenue and fill up.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"Endless Summer" Apple Tree Resort and Hotel Best Summer Experience

Endless Summer Beach Festival 2018 - The ultimate summer experience happening this 25th until the 27th of May 2018 at Apple Tree Resort & Hotel (ATRH), the Premier Resort and Hotel in Misamis Oriental.

Event Highlights:
* Shore-breaks 4: Skimboarding Competition

* 3rd Zumbathon by the Bay Competition

* Open Beach Volley Competition

* Skimboarding Clinic
* Photography Seminar and Contest
* Exclusive Pool and Foam Party (Ages 18+)

For more information:
Sales: 0917-718-5152
Reservation: 0917-714-4040
Apple Tree Resort and Hotel
Taboc, Opol Misamis Oriental 9016

Kita Kits mga Higala!!!

Revlon Sun Festival 2018 comes to Cagayan de Oro

The first ever summer/spring Sun Festival Collection launch of Revlon Professionals ® in Mindanao will take place at Pearlmont Hotel, Limketkai Drive, Cagayan de Oro on  the 21st of May 2018.

It will be a fun filled day to all ladies and salon owner most specialy: summer-themed photobooth, magazine releases, fun games and raffle draws, hairstyling competition, meet and greet the special guests including actress and beauty queen Ms. Francine Garcia.  Learn about the sun festival collection and trends and witness a fashion show.

It will be an exciting and fun-filled event so if you want to be part of it, tickets are sold at Php 200 each and are available at SMR Distribuzione Inc. Office, Unit 7, 2nd floor, Juan Fuel Bldg. JR Borja extension. You may also contact them at: tel fax 088 880 7231; or call their staff Ms. Diane at 0977 805 73 98 for more information. The ticket will cover:  a raffle stub, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and certificate.

See you all there mga higala.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

We Go to Blu Raffle Promo by Blu Energy

Blu Energy, one of the most renowned independent oil player, based in Mindanao, has a new promotion for the loyal customers, the We Go to Blu promo. Following thru the huge success of their last year’s promo “drive me to a new home”, this time they will be raffling of a brand new car.

From April 6 to July 6 of this year, for every 200 pesos worth of fuel (single receipt or accumulated) purchase, a customer is entitled to a raffle coupon, twice the coupon if the customer presents his or her Blu Rewards Card. Each will have a chance to wish wonderful prizes such as: grocery items worth 2000 pesos, Samsung J2 cellphone, 32inch LED TV, Tricabs (aka ba-o-ba-o) or a brand new Toyota Wigo!

So I am encouraging all of you my loyal readers to please try out Blu Energy fuels, who knows, you might the lucky winner of the new Toyota Wigo. Blu Energy is currently located in 20 different strategic locations in the cities of CdeO, Illigan and Butuan. Gas up na mga Higala sa Blu Energy.